Rescreen Pool & Patio Screen Enclosures & Repair

Rapid Rescreen and Repair always uses the best screening materials in the market. When you need screen replacement and repair, it is crucial to hire a professional. Our team specializes in rescreening pool and patio screen enclosure repairs. We always use the highest quality screen available which extends the life of your screened enclosure.

Restoring the pool and patio screen enclosures, gives your outdoor area a facelift. It makes your tired looking screened pool and patio look new again. Aside from aesthics, rescreening and repairing your pool and patio screen enclosures makes your outdoor area more functional and enjoyable. Holes, rips, and tears allow insects and debris into the pool and patio area, creating a nuisance. It is time to call a screen repair company. It is an investment in your home that truly adds value and functionality.

When is it time to replace old or worn out patio screen enclosures? As a general rule, a pool and patio screen enclosures usually last approximately 10 years. When the screen becomes worn, the vinyl coating begins to deteriorate and weaken.

Some of Our Services

    • Pool Enclosure and Frame Pressure Cleaning
      The areas around a swimming pool are highly susceptible to mold growth due to moisture. Mold grows forming a green film. In addition to being an eyesore, it can also pose health concerns for people with allergy problems. Rapid Rescreen and Repair will pressure clean the pool enclosure to remove mold, making the screen appear new.
    • Pool Enclosure Rusty Screw Replacement
      Moisture also causes rusting of the pool enclosure screws. Our company will replace all the rusted screen enclosure screws with new non-rusting screws.
    • Patio or Pool Rescreening
      Our rescreening process entails removing all the old rubber spline that hold the screens, removing and discarding all the old screens, adjusting hinges on your doors, replacing hardware and bugsweeps as needed on the doors and finally installing brand new screens at each panel.
    • New Patio and Pool Screen Enclosures
      We will screen in your pools, patios and porches so you can enjoy your outdoor space year round. We always use the best quality screens that you will enjoy for years to come.
    • Pool Enclosure Painting
      A good cleaning and paint job can make a screen pool enclosure look brand new. Our company offers pressure cleaning and painting to help bring your screen enclosures back to life.

Give us a call 954-266-9757 if your pool and patio screen enclosure is worn and needs rescreening or repair or if you simply just want to give it a fresh new look that’s perfect for entertaining.

Rescreen Pool & Patio Screen Enclosures & Repair
Rescreen Pool & Patio Screen Enclosures & Repair

Rapid Rescreening and Repair – Rescreening and repairing pool, porch, patio screen enclosures in most of South Florida in the following Areas:

  • Coconut Creek
  • Cooper City
  • Coral Springs
  • Davie
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  • Miramar
  • Parkland
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Plantation
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